Tears are words that need to be written ... Paulo Coelho

Just released ... Love-Jinxed on Boomerang Beach.

Evie Green is convinced she’s jinxed.

So, that's why she’s escaped to Boomerang Beach to heal the past, but a jinx is hard to shake and that’s what’s brought trouble to paradise, whipping up the granddaddy of all storms and trapping her in close proximity with the most obnoxious person she’s ever met … Reef.

Reef isn’t exactly thrilled about bunkering down with a fruit loop for the night, either. But as the storm bears down, they open their hearts, revealing their darkest secrets, and as their two worlds collide, sparks of a different kind fly. 

He has an icy heart, only she can melt. 

She has a sultry innocence that sets his world on fire.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, life can throw you a curve ball that’s filled with an enchanting blend of family, friends, and unconditional love. Then, everything you think you don’t want is delivered by the whisper of a breeze.

Will Evie be brave enough to risk giving Reef her heart?

Or will she turn and run, letting the jinx cling to her for an eternity?

Out now. 

Boomerang Beach resort, the adults-only retreat filled with dark pasts, saucy secrets and double lives. 

Capri Maclean thinks she’s hit the jackpot when she meets her new neighbor, the dreamy resident vet. With his heartbreaker good looks and cool, carefree ways, he was definitely on her ‘to-do list’.  

Flynn Cooke is looking for a quieter life with a strict no-woman policy. That’s before the flirty little butterfly next door takes him and his heart on an unexpected journey of a lifetime.  

When her spicy persuasions and his back-off gestures combine, a beautiful friendship blooms. But it’s soon shattered when Jessie arrives. A good-looking, fun-loving bartender who offers Capri a secret proposal she can’t refuse. A devastated Flynn casts a watchful eye over Jessie, discovering a delightful twist. Now it was all just a matter of time until he gets the one thing he didn’t realise he wanted …Capri. 

Come along for a captivating ride as the mysteries unravel about the lives and loves of the residents of Boomerang Beach Resort.


 Cocktails and Sunsets.



A dose of sunshine, cocktails at sunset and an unexpected chance at love. 

What else could any girl wish for?

When Catriona’s ex runs off with a supermodel, you would expect her to fall into a million pieces. 

Instead, she jumps on a plane and heads to Boomerang Beach Resort to leave it all behind. The all-expenses paid work/holiday is the perfect escape she needs, and she intends to lap it up. 

What she doesn’t expect is to be swept off her feet by the dreamiest guy she’s ever laid eyes on. Someone completely off her radar. Not one of the bad boys she usually falls for. But as she does, a ghost from her past re-appears and throws her heart into a spin.

Chad … The swoon worthy dreamboat who steals her heart quicker than any man before. 

Luciano … The one she’s loved and dreamt about for twenty years. Her childhood sweetheart.

Follow Catriona’s journey as she makes the most difficult decision of her life.

A tarot card reading predicts your love life is about to be set on fire, but how far would you travel to find the one person you’re destined to be with …?

After being dumped at the last minute, Chloe Clarke finds herself alone on a two-week Mediterranean Cruise, with her anxiety peaking out of control.
Hailing from a small fishing village in Scotland, Jack McLean was a man haunted by his past, feeling adrift in a sea of loneliness. That is until he met Chloe.
His heart is set on them being travel buddies.
Her’s is set on disembarking at the next port.
Chloe is clumsy and accident-prone.
Jack’s strong arms are there to catch her fall.
Cruising through the Mediterranean, Chloe can’t resist her knight in shining armour’s charm and charisma. Jack discovers Chloe is exactly the missing piece he’s been looking for.
Protecting their friendship, they hide their feelings for each other until destiny steps in and takes over.
Falling in love with someone who lives on the other side of the world can test the strength of love. But under the shimmering lights of the Eiffel Tower, they made a promise that would give them the strength to overcome any obstacle.

Let yourself be swept away on an enthralling journey through the dazzling Mediterranean and find out if love really does conquer all …

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I love writing contemporary romance in exotic locations. As a child, I was always in trouble at school for daydreaming. Now I can daydream all day long and call it work. I live on the beautiful Central Coast of Australia with my wonderful partner. My family has all grown up and left home, but are still close by. I am blessed with three daughters, one stepdaughter, one stepson, six granddaughters, and three grandsons.

Hailing from a Scottish family, our get-togethers are usually in the kitchen or around a table filled with lots of laughter and good food.

My love for books and writing has been with me most of my life, but it wasn’t until my children grew I started writing novels. It has become my obsession, and I enjoy nothing more than a few hours tapping away in a fantasy world I am creating.

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